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Finish Options
 Outer Rim(ea)
Inner Rim (ea)
Solid ColorStandardStandardStandard
Polished$ 175.00Standard$100.00
Brushed with Clear$ 100.00$ 100.00$125.00
Polished with Clear$ 200.00$100.00$100.00
Brushed with Transparent Color$ 150.00$ 125.00$175.00
Polished with Transparent Color$ 225.00$ 125.00$175.00
Brushed/Polished with Clear$ 275.00Not AvailableNot Available
Brushed/Polished with Transparent Color$ 300.00Not AvailableNot Available
Available powder coat options listed below.  


Forging Profiles
Duo Series
Looks like a mono-block wheel with extreme concave face profiles and design features that extend to the rim edge. The Duo Series is constructed of two components – the outer rim and center profile as 1 piece with a fastened inner rim. This Series allows you to take a mono-block style and customize it with the different center and inner rim finish options with exposed or hidden hardware. Offered in 3 forging profiles to accommodate any vehicle fitment.

Available Duo-Block Forging Profiles:   


SXL Series

Step Lip – Extreme Concave Styling
Designed with a floating spoke feature that extends to the edge of the rim for an aggressive and bold performance look, featuring staggered front and rear center profiles. 3 forging profiles available to accommodate your vehicle fitment with leg extensions up to 4.5 inches.

Available SXL Forging Profiles :