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If You Could Have Any Wheel in the World…
Billet Specialties is in the business of being the best. Period. The Profile Collection is designed for discriminating enthusiasts that demand the best wheel available be featured on their car. The smooth sweeping curves and dramatic features of these wheels are the product of millions of lines of machining code executed on state-of-the-art CNC machines.

Each wheel is hand buffed to an amazing polished finish. Even the point where the center meets the rim is nearly invisible. The depth of each dished spoke is so pronounced they draw the eyes of onlookers instantly. We hope you like the attention. The back of each Profile Collection wheel is all business – big brake ready with a range of backspaces to tailor fit your car.

5/8" Caliper Clearance
Size Min Backspace Max Backspace Price
22x8.5 4.125 6.00 $ 1440.00
22x9 4.125 6.50 $ 1450.00
22x10 4.125 7.50 $ 1465.00
22x10.5 4.125 8.00 $ 1475.00
22x12 4.125 9.50 $ 1515.00


Billet Specialties wheels are warranted to the original owner for (3) years from date of purchase for defects in material and/or workmanship under normal and intended use. Billet Specialties agrees to repair or replace Billet Specialties brand wheels, at the sole discretion of Billet Specialties Inc. Billet Specialties is not responsible for finish problems due to neglect by the customer. Wheels that have been determined to have been damaged by a tire mounting machine will be repaired at the customer’s expense. Transfer of title of any Billet Specialties products by the original owner voids the warranty. Billet Specialties is not responsible for damage to vehicle or labor costs incurred as a result of failure of warranted items. Billet Specialties warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product. Product will only be inspected for warranty by Billet Specialties, Inc. Any wheel returned for warranty inspection must be accompanied by a copy of your receipt. Warranty claims will not be approved until Billet Specialties, Inc. inspects the product.

Do not mount tires with a sidewall height of more than 8” on a Billet Specialties wheel. Billet Specialties considers this application improper for a two piece wheel. Warranty is void on wheels when the recommended tire size is exceeded.