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After setting trends in the custom wheel industry for over thirty years, Billet Specialties launched B-Forged Performance wheels allowing us to extend our design and manufacturing expertise to focus on Pro-Touring, Exotic and Luxury wheel markets. This solid foundation lets us push the limits in design and finish options to target an additional group of discriminating customers and expand possibilities. With complete control of the process, including design, engineering, machining, finishing, and final assembly - B-Forged Performance Wheels ensures you receive the finest wheels in the industry.


Available only 24" 6 Lug Applications



Duo Series

Looks of a mono-block wheel with extreme concave face profiles and design features that extend to the rim edge. The Duo Series is constructed of two components – the outer rim and center profile as 1 piece with a fastened inner rim. This Series allows you to take a mono-block style and customize it with different center and inner rim finish options with exposed or hidden hardware. Offered in 3 forging profiles to accommodate any vehicle fitment.
19 • 20 • 21• 22 • 24
Widths up to 14” wide

Available Duo Forging Profiles


     Flat                   Mid             Extreme 



RXL Series

Reverse Lip – Extreme Concave Styling
Designed and styled to expand the limits of aesthetics while staggering the front and rear center profiles. The RXL Series allows for a larger outer rim half giving the wheel a deeper look with aggressive styling. Available in 3 forging profiles with up to 4.5 inches of leg extension to accommodate any vehicle fitment.
18 • 19 • 20 • 21• 22 • 24
Widths up to 15” wide

Available RXL Forging Profiles


      Flat                 Mid             Extreme 



SXL Series

Step Lip – Extreme Concave Styling
Designed with a floating spoke feature that extends to the edge of the rim for an aggressive and bold performance look, featuring staggered front and rear center profiles. 3 forging profiles available to accommodate your vehicle fitment with leg extensions up to 4.5 inches.
19 • 20 • 21• 22 • 24
Widths up to 15” wide

Available SXL Forging Profiles


      Flat                 Mid             Extreme