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Tru Trac Serpentine System - 348 / 409 Enlarge View
Tru Trac Serpentine System - 348 / 409
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Tru Trac Serpentine System - 348/409 Chevy


It was feared on the drag strips and boulevards across America. Its monster torque punished the asphalt. It was the first production big block. It was immortalized in a song and in only seven years of production it became a legend. Billet Specialties takes the Legend to a new level with the all new Tru Trac for the 348/409 featuring modern performance, compact profile, Billet Specialties quality and timeless styling to turn your “W” motor into a real fine 409. read more >

Price: $1,709.95 - $2,786.95 Each

Tru Trac Systems For 348/409 Chevy Include:

  • Polished Powermaster 170 amp 1-wire alternator
  • Billet aluminum 1pc. alternator fan & pulley
  • Natural finish Edelbrock water pump
  • Billet aluminum water pump pulley
  • Billet aluminum bridge bracket
  • Patent-pending billet aluminum tensioner engineered specifically for the Tru Trac system
  • Billet aluminum tensioner pulley
  • Billet aluminum crankshaft pulley
  • Polished ARP 12-point stainless steel fasteners
  • Continental serpentine belt
  • Comprehensive installation manual

Kits with AC include:

  • Polished Sanden SD-7 compressor
  • Billet AC compressor clutch cover
  • Patented billet compressor manifold

Kits with Power Steering include:

  • Natural finish power steering pump with AN fittings
  • Billet aluminum power steering pulley

Note: Does not work with World Products/Bill Mitchell 348/409 aluminum engine blocks. 

Tru Trac systems are not designed for use with hydroboost brake systems.



TT-348_409_ChevyClick image to download measurement guide.


Tru Trac systems are NOT designed to be compatible with any specific brand or type of forced induction. Please contact the supercharger or turbocharger manufacturer to check for compatibility with the Billet Specialties Tru Trac System before ordering.

Shipping & Returns

Tru Trac Serpentine systems are shipped via ground service only, a Direct Signature is required.

Opened box Tru Trac Systems are NOT RETURNABLE.


All Tru Trac System components are warranted to the original owner for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Please refer to the printed warranty included with your Tru Trac kit for warranty claim details.




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