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Take a look at the 2017 SEMA show View Gallery


Take a look at the wide variety of cars and trucks from the great state of Texas  View Gallery


The B-Forged brand was created to provide the luxury and performance market with the same quality, design, engineering and delivery our customers have counted on for over 30 years. View Gallery


Each design makes a bold statement of style that will separate your ride from the rest. View Gallery


You’ve seen them at the drag strip although its hard to read the logo during a 6-second pass. The Comp Series is the real deal. Rotary –forged centers for incredible strength, precision CNC spun outer rims for unrivaled balance. View Gallery


Billet Specialties Concave Pro Touring Series of wheels are not only aggressively styled, they are incredibly light. Choose from six available styles and two concave center profiles. Select Concave Shallow and Concave Deep for the ultimate in stagger View Gallery


The Cruise Line allows you to get creative while perfectly fitting the period styling of your car. Choose from traditional styles like the Chicayne or Classic or their more radical cousins the Hustler and Rebel.  View Gallery


You want to live the dream? Part of you wants the biggest and part of you wants the best. Here are the biggest and the best in all their mirror-polished billet glory! Step all the way up to 26” with the most impactful designs on the planet. View Gallery


Muscle cars, Street Rods & Classic Trucks — American machines that have become the canvas of hot rod artistry. The Legends Series takes the American Hot Rod seriously as one of the few cast wheel lines actually Made In America!  View Gallery


From Classic to Modern Muscle, the Pro-Touring Series is bred for high performance. Maximum dish to high offset applications. 4-piston disc brakes to monster 6-piston brakes.  View Gallery


Billet Specialties is in the business of being the best. Period. The Profile Collection is designed for the discriminating enthusiast that demands that the best wheels available be featured on their car. View Gallery


Take a detour from what you’re used to. The SLC Series feature wheels that tastefully depart from the ordinary and predictable to to breathe some excitement into your ride. View Gallery


Each wheel in the SLG series is a radical departure from the next. Soft-Lip reverse rims give each style a striking long-leg effect that delivers maximum visual impact as you roll up. Custom–built to your specs and big brake ready. View Gallery


The Street Lite is more than an amazing looking wheel. It is designed to be the ultimate street and strip wheel. Carrying the hardcore SFI 15.1 certification, the Street Lite wheels are a sign that you are serious about performance. View Gallery


Billet Specialties is the only company to offer genuine billet wheels at very attractive pricing. Choose from seven awesome Street Smart styles that are bred for muscle cars and hot rods. View Gallery


Wheels that have defined hot rodding through the years are mixed with new styles that look like they’ve always been there. The only thing missing is the flaws from yesterday’s manufacturing downfalls. View Gallery


When we introduced the Vintec Series there was a resounding response that made it an legend in its own time. The timeless design of these 3 wheels have made their way to countless street rods, muscle cars and classic trucks all over the world.  View Gallery


Billet Specialties new Win Lite wheel launches hard with aggressive styling and features for a street and strip wheel. The Win Lite features a machined recessed bolt pad for additional weight savings. View Gallery


Tru Trac Serpentine Systems

Tru Tracs on various Chevy engines. View Gallery


Tru Trac Serpentine Sytems on various Chrysler engines. View Gallery


Tru Trac Serpentine Systems on various Ford engines.  View Gallery