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Legacy 2

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The Finest Styling in History Gets an Upgrade
Now available with a soft lip barrel, the wheels that have defined hot rodding through the years are mixed with new styles that look like they’ve always been there. Custom built to fit your hot rod, get your own piece of nostalgia in today’s high-profile diameters. Each wheel is precision machined with multi-axis technology and hand-finished to an unrivaled polished or powder-coated finish. Spinner caps included and feature easy snap-in installation via o-ring retention.

5/8" Caliper Clearance

1-1/8" Caliper Clearance
SizeMin BackspaceMax Backspace Min BackspaceMax Backspace
17x74.254.50 N/AN/A
17x84.255.50 N/AN/A
17x104.257.25 N/AN/A
18x74.254.50 N/AN/A
18x84.255.50 N/AN/A
18x94.256.375 N/AN/A
18x104.257.25 N/AN/A
18x114.257.25 N/AN/A
18x124.257.50 N/AN/A
19x84.255.25 3.754.75
19x94.255.25 3.754.75
19x104.257.125 3.756.625
19x114.257.125 3.756.625
19x124.257.375 3.756.875
20x8.54.255.75 3.755.25
20x94.255.75 3.755.25
20x104.257.25 3.756.75
20x10.54.257.25 3.756.75
20x124.257.50 3.757.00
20x154.259.00 3.758.50
22x8.54.255.75 N/AN/A
22x94.255.75 N/AN/A
22x104.257.125 N/AN/A
22x10.54.257.125 N/AN/A
22x124.257.50 N/AN/A



Finish Options
Solid ColorSTD$ 100.00
Brushed with Clear$ 100.00$ 125.00
Polished with Clear$ 100.00N/A
Polished Windows with Solid Color$ 105.00N/A
Brushed with Transparent Color$ 125.00$ 125.00
Polished with Transparent Color$ 125.00$ 125.00
Polished Windows with Transparent Color$ 125.00N/A
Brushed/Polished with Transparent Color$ 150.00N/A
Available powder coat options listed below.