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History Re-defined by Styling 

Wheels that have defined hot rodding through the years are mixed with new styles that bring back vintage styling with updated features. Available in a wide array of sizes, widths, and custom backspacing, custom-built to fit your vehicle. Each wheel is precision machined with multi-axis technology and hand-finished to an unrivaled polished or powder coat finish.



5/8" Caliper Clearance


1-3/8" Caliper Clearance



Min Backspace Max Backspace  Min Backspace Max Backspace  
17X74.1254.875 N/AN/A 
17X84.1255.875 N/AN/A 
17X104.1257.875 N/AN/A 
18x74.004.875 N/AN/A 
18x84.005.875 N/AN/A 
18x94.006.875 N/AN/A 
18x104.007.875 N/AN/A 
18x114.008.875 N/AN/A 
18x124.009.875 N/AN/A 
19x84.005.875 N/AN/A 
19X94.006.875 N/AN/A 
19x104.007.875 N/AN/A 
19x114.008.875 N/AN/A 
19x124.009.875 N/AN/A 
20x8.54.006.375 3.255.625 
20x94.006.875 3.256.125 
20x104.007.875 3.257.125 
20x10.54.008.375 3.257.625 
20x124.009.875 3.259.125 
20x154.0012.875 3.2512.125 
22x8.54.006.375 N/AN/A 
22x94.006.875 N/AN/A 
22x104.007.875 N/AN/A 
22x10.54.008.375 N/AN/A 
22x124.009.875 N/AN/A 


Finish Options
Solid ColorSTD$ 100.00
Brushed with Clear$ 100.00$ 125.00
Polished with Clear$ 100.00N/A
Polished Windows with Solid Color$ 105.00N/A
Brushed with Transparent Color$ 125.00$ 125.00
Polished with Transparent Color$ 125.00$ 125.00
Polished Windows with Transparent Color$ 125.00N/A
Brushed/Polished with Transparent Color$ 150.00N/A
Available powder coat options listed below.