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Muscle cars, Street Rods & Classic Trucks — American machines that have become the canvas of hot rod artistry. The Legends Series takes the American Hot Rod seriously as one of the few cast wheel lines actually Made In America! We manufacture each cast center to precise detail in both strength and beauty and mate them to the same soft lip rims as our forged billet wheels. The result? Captivating designs with timeless features that are custom built to your specifications in 20” diameters.

1" Caliper Clearance
1-1/4" Caliper Clearance
SizeMin BackspaceMax Backspace Min BackspaceMax Backspace
20x8.54.1256.625 3.8756.375
20x94.1257.125 3.8756.875
20x104.1258.125 3.8757.875
20x124.12510.125 3.8759.875
20x154.12513.125 3.87512.875