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Bonneville Extreme



The Perfect Interface between Paint and Asphalt…………

Not just your ordinary billet wheel, our Extreme Dish wheels offer an aggressive trend setting look like no other. Maximum stagger and style are precision machined from a 6" thick 115 pound aluminum forging. Over 100 pounds of each forging is turned into chips during the machining process only leaving the aggressively styled center as the prize.
Step out of the traditional billet profiles and into some extreme style now.
1/2" Caliper Clearance
Size Min Backspace Max Backspace
20x10 2.50 4.75
20x10.5 2.50 4.75
20x12 2.50 6.75
20x15 2.50 8.00
22x10 2.50 4.75
22x10.5 2.50 4.75
22x12 2.50 6.75