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Sku: SLC42

Price: 915.00


Turbine Extreme

A Cut Above the Rest
The SLC Series features wheels that tastefully depart from the ordinary and predictable to breathe some excitement into your ride. The soft flowing detail of each spoke is a telltale sign that the SLC Series is so much more than the ordinary straight-cut billet wheel. Our attention to detail pays off in styling that screams excellence. Custom built just for you.
Looking for the ultimate stance and look for your hot rod? Billet Specialties new Turbine Extreme is the latest addition to our extreme wheel styles. Extreme rear wheels offer super concave centers to accentuate the style and character of a car. Multiple finish options are available for both the center and barrel. Pair up with the Turbine front wheels.


Not for every car, the extreme wheels only work with vehicles that have narrowed rear ends that can run minimum backspace and lots of fender space for a wide wheel.

(Shown in optional Brushed and Polished with Clear +$125 per wheel)


1/2" Caliper Clearance
Size Min Backspace Max Backspace Price
20x10 2.125 5.25 $ 1640.00
20x10.5 2.125 5.75 $ 1660.00
20x12 2.125 7.25 $ 1710.00
20x15 2.125 10.25 $ 1930.00
22x10 2.50 4.75 $ 1840.00
22x10.5 2.50 4.75 $ 1850.00
22x12 2.50 6.75 $ 1900.00




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Extreme- The center has an extreme concave profile

Can only be used in rear in widths of 10" and greater and only available in 20" & 22" diameters. 

Minimum backspace recommended.